Here’s where WhatsApp is going to put its ads


Its been a while since Facebook bought the instant messaging app WhatsApp. While the new app management has seen the app acquire a couple of great features, the question of monetizing the application has been lingering over the app ever since. Many have suggested that Whatsapp sells adverts to make money that that is not how the app was made to operate until now.

Vice President of WhatsApp Chris Daniels wants to have adverts run in the status section of the app. He believes that this would be a great way for companies to reach new clients while the app rakes in lots of money.

VP Chris Daniels did not give a timeline as to when the ads would start running but it appears to be something that is going to happen for sure. The status section of Whatsapp has grown to become more popular than Snapchat’s stories which started the use of short stories that would self destruct after 24 hours.


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